KENZINER - "Timescape" - limited Douuble Vinyl Edition - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 28th August 2020

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22.07.2020Release News

The release date of the of the album "Timescape" by the Neoclassic/Prog Power Metal Band KENZINER on Double Vinyl via PURE STEEL RECORDS is August 20th, 2020. The pre-order phase will start on August 14th, 2020 in our webshop. The Album will be released in a limited Edition of 300 black copies and insert on Vinyl.

KENZINER wanted to conquer the world in 1998 with their debut ´Timescape´ and its famous prog metal. The source of inspiration for the Finnish guitarist Jarno Keskinen were of course 80s guitar sorcerers like Yngwie Malmsteen or Chris Impellitteri. As singer on this debut and his successor (´The Prophecies´) was Stephen Fredrick, who later joined FIREWIND, and as producer and text writer the team even had support by the shredding legend David T. Chastain. With this manpower, these neoclassical virtuosos immediately moved up to the level of the early SYMPHONY X and are still an experience for friends of Neoclassical / Progressive Power Metal many years later.

Side A
1. Future Signs
2. Into The Light
3. Images Of The Past
Side B
4. Dreamer
5. Thru The End
6. Timescape
Side C
1. Walking In The Rain
2. Seasons
3. In The Silence
Side D
4. Land Of Shadows
5. Inspiration In A Moment (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time: 65:05 min

Jarno Keskinen - bass, guitars, keyboard
Stephen Fredrick - vocals
Dennis Lesh - drums