MILLENNIUM - „A New World" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 25th October 2019

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21.08.2019Release News

The release date of the of the new album „A New World“ by the NWoBHM Band MILLENNIUM on CD is October 25th, 2019. The pre-order phase will start on October 11th, 2019 in our webshop.

NWoBHM band Millenium formed in Billingham in County Durham in 1982. They were soon snapped up by Terry Gavaghan who ran the local label Guardian Records and Tapes (based in Pity Me, County Durham). After contributing the three songs “Steal Your Heart”, “Rock Was Meant For Me” and “Magic Mirror” to the “Pure Overkill” compilation in 1983, Millenium issued their self-titled debut album a year later (also released via Guardian Records). After parting ways with label owner Terry Gavaghan they eventually split up around 1988. Singer Marky Duffy went on joined UK thrashers Toranaga.

In 2016, Millenium were asked to appear at Brofest in Newcastle upon Tyne. This resulted in a full-blown re-union and a new studio album, 2017’s “Awakening”.

“A New World” is Millenium’s third studio album in 35 years. “We try to keep some of our NWOBHM roots,” explains singer Mark Duffy, “but we also try a bit of variation with songs like ‘Obsolete’ and ‘Assassin’ that have a more straight ahead heavy metal feel to them.” Duffy continues: “It's great that we now have the opportunity to release our albums and the fan base is growing. We are already writing new songs for our next album, we just want to get our music out there while we can. I would say that “A New World has a theme running through it in some of the songs. A lot of the songs have an apocalyptic story to them as it's doesn’t look good for the human race with constant war and a population that's growing. Something will implode at some point. The album covers these issues.”

After a “A New World” was recorded, Darren Moore (drums) and Louis Astbury (guitar) were replaced by Nigel Waterfall Brown (drums) and legendary Black Rose axeman Kenny Nicholson on guitar.   

Augusto Peixoto -

1. Give Me A Sign
2. World War 3
3. A New World
4. All Out War
5. King Of Kings
6. Assassin
7. Summon The Dragons
8. Kill Or Be Killed
9. Obsolete
10. Victory
Total Playing Time: 49:55 min

Mark Duffy – vocals
William Philpot – guitars
Paul Simpson – bass
Louis Astbury – guitars
Darren Moore – drums