CONJURING FATE enter the studio for a new Album

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16.04.2019Artist News

"Conjuring Fate hit Hornland Studios on the 13th April to start recording the yet untitled followup to the 2017's album, 'Valley of Shadows'!  

The album overall will include 10 tracks of hook laden NWoBHM/Power metal. As with previous recordings it will be recorded fully by the band at guitarist Phil Horner's studio, Hornland Studios. To thicken up on modern production values they will be working with a well-known Irish metal producer. 

Phil Horner states, "these are some of the best songs we have ever written. In between some great shows with Blaze Bayley, Geoff Tate, Graham Bonnet, Grim Reaper etc. we have been knuckling down and just writing. There will be more melodies, hooks, harmonies & solos! We had alot of song ideas there, but have chosen the approach of just putting in what we believe are great tracks, no filler."

Tommy Daly – vocals
Phil Horner – guitars
Karl Gibson – guitars
Steve Legear – bass
Niall McGrotty – drums