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Releasedate Katalog-Nr. EAN-Code Bandname Albumname
15.09.2017 PSRCD151 4260255244352 ALLTEHNIKO Italian History VI
PSRLP059 4260255243812 AVENGER Prayers Of Steel
22.09.2017 PSRCD152 4260255244369 SPACE VACATION Lost In The Black Divide
PSRLP073 4260255244376 CHASTAIN We Bleed Metal 17
ISR 058-17/C  4260255244109  SORROWS PATH Touching Infinity (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
ER-7E1-001 5060140642640 NECRYTIS Countersighns (PURE STEEL PUBLISHING)
29.09.2017 KR104 LP 4260255244321 BLACK FATE Commander Of Fate
ISR048-17/L 4260255243645 SATAN WORSHIP I'm The Devil (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
06.10.2017 PRRCD040 4260255244413 SPEED LIMIT Anywhere We Dare
PSRLP060 4260255243829 AXEMASTER Blessing In The Skies
PSRLP070 4260255244246 AVENGER Depraved To Black
27.10.2017 PPRCD011 4260255244468 BLEEDING Elementum
24.11.2017 PSRCD153 4260255244451 AXEMASTER Crawling Chaos